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Biological Regeneration



Nabierz sił witalnych w Mazowsze Medi SPA

The lifestyle, we are forced to lead, a mass of obligations, daily running about, working until late hours and excessive stress are not in our health favour.
Biological regeneration, namely a number of treatments improving operation of the blood circulation system, reducing muscle tension and firming the skin, allows to release deposits of positive energy which restores the strength and improves our general mental and physical state..

You are welcomed to take advantage of our offer of seven- and fourteen-day periods of biological regeneration, under the licence of dr. Marek Bardadyn, the expert in the field of nutrition and slimming, the author of such best-selling books as "Kody młodości [Codes of youth]" and "Odchudzająca ksiąka kucharska [Slimming cookbook]".
Slimming holidays in the mountains are an ideal way to spend own free time and loose some unnecessary kilograms.
We offer three types of holidays – everybody will find something interesting.

During each period:

  • Dance evening with a glass of wine
  • A lecture on the subject of a structural diet with a dietician or a meeting with the top chef
  • Professional analysis of a body composition (among others, percentage composition of water, fatty and muscle tissue, BMI, BMR)
  • Consultation with the Cosmetologist and the Physical therapist free-of -charge
  • Marching out in the mountains takes place with division into two fitness groups: LIGHT and POWER
  • FITNESS classes take place with division into female and male group

Promotions and discounts:

  • Sixth stay on the biological regeneration period - 5% discount
  • Tenth stay on the biological regeneration period – FREE Standard Package!
  • Coming to Mazowsze Medi Spa for biological regeneration for a second time, take a female or male friend with you who has not visited us before to take advantage of cleansing and slimming holidays, and you will get a discount of 10%.
  • Take two people who have not visited us before, and you will get a discount of 20%!
  • TWO-WEEK PACKAGE (15 DAYS/14 DAYS) is a cost of one-week period x 2 - 10%

  Additional information:

  • A surcharge to a double room to be used by one person: for the 14-day stay – PLN 770, for the 7-day stay – PLN 450
  • A surcharge to the luxury suite of the Comfort type: for the 14-day stay – PLN 1 120/person, for the 7-day stay - PLN 560/person
  • Animal stay (only dogs, little breeds) in the selected rooms - PLN 40/day.


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