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Children rehabilitation

Your child needs help of a physiotherapist?

Come to us! Mazowsze Medi Spa is a place friendly to young patients and their parents.

We each child will receive expert and professional help. We offer treatments that will help your child restored to health and enjoy the pleasures of childhood.

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  • Mazowsze Medi-Spa -
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Mazowsze Medi Spa offers specialist neurological rehabilitation and orthopedic for children of all ages. Every Little pa- treated individually, precisely adjusting the therapy to the needs and capabilities. Rehabilitation start from a careful study of the case. We are strongly focused on effective work with the child, which is why we work with a variety of methods - What is new is the fascial therapy. Using functional fascial techniques can roll back the dysfunctional, and thereby optimize mobility, posture, and movement efficiency. We also offer classes in water, physical therapy and massage. For children under the age of 10, we offer a discount of 30% from these prices. Check Rates and deadlines
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